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Bringing in More Customers by Providing More Product Information: A Look at Artificial Grass Case Study

While the growing popularity of artificial grass is undisputed, there still remains a class of potential customers who have strong reservations about installing fake grass anywhere in their residential or commercial premises.

Local supplier, Metro Synthetic Turf is enjoying great success after an extensive marketing campaign targeting the skeptics. Statistically, up to 46% of customers choose to buy ecologically friendly products. Artificial grass is eco-friendly, but with the much propaganda that has surrounded the use of fake grass, companies have to clearly communicate this fact to potential customers.

Artificial grass companies that are facing a challenge when it comes to market penetration and specifically because of this mindset among potential target consumers can highlight the following points in their marketing campaign. These four crucial points can help in supporting the legitimacy of the fact that artificial grass is indeed “green”

Recycled and Recyclable
Many manufacturers use recycled materials in the production process of different artificial grass varieties. In addition, artificial grass can be recycled for landscaping in sports fields and expansive gardens.

Great Saves on Water
Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf does not need watering to maintain a lush and beautiful appearance. With an artificial grass installation, you save big on water bills, and the garden remains great even during droughts and water-shortage seasons.

Chemical-free Maintenance
Natural grass gardens require regular application of chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Not only is this an expensive maintenance routine, but the chemicals can have long-term effects on the soil and when washed down to water bodies. On the other hand, artificial grass only requires sweeping and brushing over in way of maintenance.

No More Carbon Emission
Mowers and other petrol-powered gardening tools and equipment are a must-have for proper maintenance of a natural grass garden. These maintenance equipment emit some carbon into the air as they run, contributing to the global problem of air pollution. Artificial grass does not grow, and therefore does not need trimming or mowing, effectively eliminating the need to use these carbon-emitting equipment.

Product information is key to the success of any business. Without providing the relevant information, companies may be losing out on a large chunk of the market share. Customers want to know the specifics of what they will be getting out of buying a product. In cases where strong opinions have been engrained in the minds of the target customer group, product education is a requisite before blanket marketing campaigns can have any impact.

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