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Fun Yet Effective Weight Loss Strategy For Kids On The Verge Of Obesity

Active play is key to preventing and curbing obesity and weight problems in kids. Unfortunately, kids today are not too keen on engaging in organized sports or playing outside but instead prefer to stay indoors playing video games and watching TV.

This is indeed a very worrying trend as unchecked weight gain and obesity predisposes the children to a higher risk of many health complications. As the caring parent that no doubt are, you can help to keep this unfortunate, yet sure eventuality at bay by encouraging the kids to engage in active play in the most way fun possible and as frequently as is possible.

Take the time to organize some private fun time with the family and top on the entertainment options, include some inflatables such as bouncy castles and waterslides. Bouncy castle hire is a relative inexpensive option to consider for family fun days and BBQs. You don’t have to wait for birthdays, weddings and other functions to bring the fun.

Dunk Tank hireJumping up and down as they enjoy a good laugh is definitely healthy exercise that definitely beats sitting in front of a screen all day. Both dry and wet inflatable slides are also a great option for breaking that healthy sweat. At school functions, community festivals and fetes as well as corporate fun day, you can also join  the kids in having some active fun on the inflatables and dunk tank for hire. Event planners can also look at diversifying the entertainment options to include mechanical bull rides, merry go rounds, pony cycle rise, obstacle course and many other fun activities.

Your kids will always find an excuse to skip gym class or join you on for your morning run on the weekends, but I am yet to meet one that will turn down the chance to have some wholesome fun with friends on inflatables and amusements. The interactive and action-packed nature of this kind of play will keep the kids actively engaged for hours on end,

As they bounce, slide and ride away, the calories come shedding off naturally. Such active play out back in the backyard and in the park is a better and healthier way to lose weight than subjecting your little ones to a crash diet. It is healthy exercise that is fun and effective in burning those calories.

A couple of hours as often as is possible on jumping castles and other fun active play options can make a world of difference, and especially for kids on the verge of obesity. It is definitely not just all fun and games.  

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