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Intense Inspections For Safe Bouncing Castle Hire

The potential for risk when playing on inflatables such as bouncing castles is undeniable.  Such potential for risk has been highlighted during recent incidents and accidents where patrons, especially kids playing on the inflatables have been grievously injured, and some even losing their lives.

WorkSafe has taken up its role as mandated watchdog to ensure that such incidents become a thing of the past and everyone can look forward to a safe time when playing on the inflatables.  In its efforts, a thorough inspection program has been put into place in what has been applauded as a productive preventive measure.

On board is a team of qualified inspectors from the National Professional Engineers register who will be responsible for running the program.  The management teams of different inflatable hire companies are encouraged to comply and co-operate fully with the team for a smooth operation as the inspectors look at specific areas of interest.

The three areas of interest are as highlighted

Inflatables’ Condition

The tea will conduct thorough inspections to ensure that every item in the inventory meets the set quality standards. Inferior products have poor performance and may not be able to sustain the weight of patrons playing on the castle, which may cause them to collapse under that weight.

Site Conditions

The inspectors will check to see that the bouncing castles for hire are only installed in safe site that meet the laid down requirements. Also of concern is the weather conditions under which the inflatables are operated.

Operator Competencies

Every operator must receive the relevant training and equipped with the competency to operate the inflatables according to the manufacturers manual and in compliance with the relevant Australian standards.  Similarly, the hire company should have in its employment a competent person with relevant know-how under who the installation will be completed. The operators will be under the direct supervision of said person. Apart from the installation, the team should be knowledgeable in the procedures for proper maintenance according to the manufacturer’s standards.

In addition, the inspection program will be directed towards establishing whether the operators of a company have been trained I the relevant emergency procedures and are fully equipped to handle such an emergency.

Potential clients looking to buy or hire bouncing castles and other play inflatables are encourage to do so from companies who have successfully gone through the inspection program and have proved their compliance to all the set standards.

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