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Local Tennis Club Prepares For Tournament With Construction Of New Courts

2017 is here and the South Perth Junior Tournament, 2017 is just days away from kick off at the South Perth Lawn Tennis club. This is truly some exciting news for tennis lovers who have been waiting for the tournament since entries became open a couple of months back.

Even more exciting for the players is the fact that the construction of 6 new courts at the prestigious club is now complete. Work on this project started way back in August 2016, with steady significant progress noted every day since then. All available resources and efforts have been mobilized and directed towards ensuring that the courts will be ready in time for the tournament and the effort has truly paid off.

Among the 6 newly constructed courts are 4 artificial grass courts that the club can now boast of. The rest of the project involved construction of 2 hard courts,  Players and tennis enthusiasts are excited about the courts and look forward to a wonderful playing experience on these courts. 

Among the benefits that have players excited about new courts include the consistency in texture of the playing surface which not only helps in preventing injuries but improves the quality of play on the court. This is because the uniformity of the surface translates to better ball control for each player and every set can last much longer, with the experience being much more satisfactory.

Similarly, the club’s management is very pleased with the new constructions and fully appreciates all the advantages that come with installing a synthetic grass tennis court. Little effort will go into the maintenance of the courts, and the management is confident that players will actively use the courts for quite a long time before signs of wear and tear appear on the turf surface. Making calls for each game will also be quite straight forward since the lines that define and mark the playing area will not fade away easily. The club is also happy to boast of an all-year playing surface because synthetic grass drains quite well and play can resume even after a heavy downpour.

More and more athletic and recreational facilities and clubs are choosing to go the synthetic grass way for their courts and field. This is no surprise, given the numerous benefits that come with the installation. Not to be left behind, the South Perth Lawn Tennis club is well on its way to fully enjoying these benefits after constructing 4 such courts.

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