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On The Verge Of A Broken Parent-Child Relationship? Play Some More

For too many parents, busy schedules have meant spending too much time trying to provide for the kids and much less time actually spent with the kids. That is how we have ended with the shockingly unfortunate statistics that paint the sad picture of estranged parent-child relationships.

Psychologists agree that playing with your children helps with bonding and creating a secure attachment that is of mutual benefit. This sure does sound like a wake-up call for parents who get so caught up with responsibilities even at home that they neglect spending time with the kids except when sitting down to a silent dinner, or those awkward and silent rides to and from school. That is definitely not what was intended for the parent-child relationship and there is absolutely no reason why you should settle for this sorry state of affairs instead of striving to live up to your dream parent-child relationship.
Bouncing castles and other inflatables are a great choice for play items to help with the kids. You should never try to force things but instead, always allows for things to progress at a pace that feels most natural. For something as valuable as the relationship with your own kids, you can be sure that it will be very much worth the patience and effort.

Reel Them In
The first step is always to let the kids know that you are open to playing. Join other adults on a bouncing castle at an event and let loose as you jump up and down. Do not be surprised if the older kids roll an eye your way, because the look will surely soften after a while. The kids will need time trying to reconcile the idea of you throwing away all inhibitions and having some fun with the strict and no-nonsense aura that has always been about you. This can be at a more public and larger organized event such as a birthday party with many guests or a church event and the like.

The Home Run
To bring the point home, you will need to literally bring things home. Put together a family fun day out back that is just for you and the kids. Contact a bouncing castle hire company for your order of jumping castles and other inflatables. The kids will feel more involved if they help in choosing the units and it can set the stage for a perfect day. Depending on the age of your kids, you may only need one as most adult-sized units will also be just as great for kids aged around 10 or 12 and older. Truth be said, it is around these pre-teen years that cracks start to form in your relationship.
You can spend the day jumping around the castle, sliding and enjoying other features the castles have to offer. It may be hard to have a hearty conversation mid-air or as you gaily and excitedly slide down the inflatable, but the beauty of it is that some things could never be expressed well enough with words. Nothing says “Mom/dad, thanks for this. You are awesome” better than that warm smile on your kids face. Taking the time to have some child-like fun with them tells the kids that you are down for whatever they are and they can always count on you to be as much a friend as you are a parent. It couldn’t be any more perfect.

Investing the time and resources to play with your kids on jumping castles and other play items helps in developing parent –child healthy relationships, the impact of which is just indescribable. Invest more and you will reap more, now and in the future.

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